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Private Security Guard

Private Security & Bodyguards (Armed & Unarmed)

Pair your exotic car, yacht, or jet rental with personal bodyguard services from Lion Heart Lifestyle of Los Angeles, CA. Our private security contracting services are also available as a standalone service even if you aren’t hiring one of our luxury modes of transportation.

We offer a full range of protection services for individuals, families, and events.

  • Executive Security
  • VIP Bodyguards
  • Family Security
  • Crowd Management
  • Red Carpet Security
  • Event Security

Individual Guards Or A Full Security Team

We tailor our protection services to meet each client’s individual needs. Do you require around-the-clock guards to protect your family, or someone to shield you from paparazzi during a night on the town? Maybe you’re looking for some extra maritime security while cruising the California coast in one of our private yacht charters.

Whatever the occasion, you can trust Lion Heart Lifestyle to provide you with armed or unarmed security that is experienced and professional.

The Problem With Hiring Off Duty Cops

Government LEOs performing private security while off the clock are still accountable to their employers, potentially restricting the scope of services performed. They have to follow constitutional rulings such as “probable cause,” which can hinder their ability to search suspects without a warrant, even on private property.

Active duty police are trained to identify and deal with criminal activity and may or may not be up to speed on the finer points of personal protection.

Advantages Of Choosing Private Security Contractors

Unlike police officers, our VIP bodyguards report directly to you and us. There is no conflict of interest, no open cases to distract attention from the number one priority: protecting you, your loved ones, and your guests.

We hire military veterans and former LEOs and make sure to equip them with the additional tools and training they need to keep you safe for the duration of your contract.

  • Discreet & Private
  • Rapid Response
  • Protection Tailored To Your Needs

Hire VIP Security In LA

Being accompanied by a VIP bodyguard from Lion Heart Lifestyle can help ease your mind so that you can enjoy the finer pleasures in life, like a ride around LA in one of our exotic car rentals or a luxury yacht cruise. For more information on our armed or unarmed personal bodyguard and event security services, contact us today.

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