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Aston Martin DB11

The basic platform of the DB11 …

Audi A5 RS

Under its sinewy clamshell hood sits …

Bentley Bentayga

Find out why almost everyone wants …

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VIP transportation for the distinguished traveler throughout the LA area is just a few clicks away. Rent a luxury car to spoil yourself, make your big entrance, or impress a prospective client. Enjoy the California coast from new angles aboard a private yacht. Take your life to greater heights with executive jet charters. Why settle for less? With Lion Heart Lifestyle, you always get the red carpet treatment.

100 miles/day

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Available 24/7

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Luxury Car Brands

Mercedes Benz
Rolls Royce
Polaris Slingshot
Land Rover
Aston Martin
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I am a big car guy and Lion Heart always has the cars I’m looking for. Great customer service.


I Love renting from this company they have Very friendly employees and they work hard to make sure all your needs are Met!

Jonathan B.

Let me start by saying my plane was Delayed for an hour and Lion Heart was Still waiting for me with the Car better than …

Daniel M.

Proud supporter of this brand best rental service I have ever used best service quality cars

William B.

Very professional company with a great selection of vehicles. I refer all my clients here and look forward to our companies yacht rental this summer.

Cash M.

Lion Heart’s service is amazing! Beautiful high end rentals perfect for a special occasion or just any day you wanna drive something fun 🙂

Damon S.
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