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Exotic Car Long Term Rentals

Leasing & Long Term Rentals

Lion Heart Lifestyle offers leasing options and long term rentals on our exotic cars, yachts, and private jet charters in LA. You can secure the kind of luxury transportation that fits your lifestyle ahead of time and for as long as you need it. If you’re flying into LAX or are native to So Cal, let us make sure your land, air, and sea travel are comfortable and convenient.

Exotic Car Leases

Long term leases make sense when talking about high-end cars. After all, who doesn’t want the newest luxury convertibles, sedans, sports cars, and SUVs in their driveway? But then you have to worry about maintenance, and before you know it, your new luxe ride is old news.

With an extended exotic car rental, you get the style and amenities you want without the hassles, commitment, and depreciation that accompanies traditional purchasing and financing.

All the car rentals you see on our site are the actual vehicles we have on our lot. They are also meticulously maintained for you. Bentley, Ferrari, Jaguar, Lamborghini – which will you choose to cruise around Cali?

  • Stay On-Trend Or Try Something New
  • On-Location Filming In LA
  • In Town For A Job Or Gig
  • Family Vacations To LA
  • Wining & Dining Clients
  • Showing Guests Around In Style

Long Term Jet Rentals

Do you want the benefits of having a private jet at your beck and call without a significant investment? You bet. At Lion Heart Lifestyle, we understand that sometimes you want to get away on a whim or have reasons – business or pleasure – to travel frequently. Long term rentals make private jet charters that much more convenient.

You still skip the long waits, delays, and total lack of privacy that come with traditional air travel, while gaining access to a private jet 24/7. All of this comes without the commitment and up-front investment of buying your own aircraft.

  • Fluctuating / Seasonal Travel Needs
  • Need To Be Able To Fly On Short Notice
  • Gigs & Appearances All Over The World
  • The Convenience Of Flexibility
  • Multi-Destination Group & Family Trips

Extended Private Yacht Charters

When you lease a yacht for a longer-term, you get to enjoy the amenities of the vessel, and you really get time to explore your destinations. You’re basically bringing a luxury resort with you anywhere you go. You can take your family, the office, or your favorite group of friends anywhere you like and know at the end of the day, you’re returning to the luxuries and comforts you want and deserve.

Have breakfast at a little beachside cafe, and by dinnertime, get ready for the sparkling nightlife of an entirely different city. No packing up again, trying to get everyone to meet on time, or having to decide on just one destination. Where will your long term yacht rental take you?

  • Family Vacations From LA
  • Multi-Itinerary Trips
  • Filming & Photoshoots
  • Resort Hopping
  • Longer Celebrations
  • Meditation Retreats
  • Cultural Explorations

Lease A Car, Jet, Or Yacht In LA

Whether you’re looking for a month-long sea voyage or need reliable air and road transportation that meets your expectations and status, Lion Heart Lifestyle is here to cater to your needs with leases and long term rentals. Contact us today to reserve your exotic car, yacht, or private jet. We look forward to accommodating you and providing the VIP services you deserve.

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